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Baker County Sheriff Search & Rescue is a Volunteer Team of Baker County people all coming together for one goal.


The team has a wide range of abilities.  We are called out to locate lost hunters, hikers, campers, woodcutters, lost children and/or downed aircraft and more.  We are also called out on water or land recoveries andassist the sheriff in any way called upon.We have Ground Searchers, Trackers, Horseback teams, Four-Wheeler teams, SCUBA Divers with 2-way underwater communications. We have members who use their personal vehicles, equipment and even aircraft to help during a search. We have a Dodge Pickup pictured below, with extra fuel and the Equipment Trailer. The trailer contains ropes, climbing equipment, stokes basket, one-wheel mule, life jackets, portable propane heater, first aid supplies and a AED (automatic external defibrillator).


             utilisation de l'ASAP en secours


In a Average Year we Respond to about 25 Missions, we travel over 16,000 Miles on missions by Air, ATV, 4-wheel drive trucks, snowmobiles, boats and also 2 wheeled vehicles.


Our team volunteers over 2,255 Hours each year. Lost persons in Baker County include both males and females from 10 to 79 years of age.


What to do if you are lost:

1) Stop walking!

2) Draw attention to yourself any safe way possible. Yell back if you hear your name called.

3) Keep calm! Pull out your survival gear, build a fire if necessary, and wait. If someone knows you are lost or missing and contacts 911, the Baker County Sheriff Search and Rescue team will do our best to find you, that's why we train so much!



Call Early, Be Safe & Enjoy Baker County


Final Tip:

The Weather:

If you don't like the current weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. This well known Eastern Oregon phrase is very true of the weather in our area. You can see every type of precipitation any time of the year. The dangers of hypothermia exist even in the summer. Your best preparation is to check the local forecast and bring along clothing layers to protect against rain, wind and cold as well as a hat and gloves suitable for any season.


The Ford Com-Van, above is used to assist with communications in the variety of terrain that Baker County offers. It acts as a mobile Command Post and a link from the field members to the 911 Dispatch center. We have Public Safety radios, FRS family radios, CB, and amateur HAM radios. The unit also carries a portable repeater for use in the back country and remote areas of Baker County.


We also have Rope Rescue Technicians with the equipment, knowledge & experience to help when things go wrong. We also provide mutual aid to neighboring counties and unified searches when working near county lines.

Baker County Sheriff Search and Rescue is made up of trained volunteers who donate their time and personal equipment,



Would you like to help Baker County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team:


Individuals interested in becoming a rescue team member must complete an application available at the Baker County Sheriff Office.


Get involved today!

Want to be a Supporter


People who would like to make a donation to our team please contact the Baker County Sheriff Office. Service groups who would like to sponsor or donate equipment, even sponsor continued training classes please call the Baker County Sheriff Office or contact a Search and Rescue team member. We Train to make our missions as successful as they can be


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