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The Baker County Sheriff's Office would like to warn residents about a fraud/money scheme that is surfacing in the area. There have been reports of citizens being contacted by phone and told they have won cars, cash and a multi-million dollar prize from Publisher's Clearing House (PCH). The very convincing operator informs you (s)he is going to guide you through the very lengthy process and starts by instructing you to send payments to pay for "tax form fees". Most of the instructions will request you wire or transfer funds to various accounts but they also ask that payments be mailed with cash or checks.

In an effort to gain your trust, once the process begins they will send you funds from various sources for you to deposit into personal accounts, only to be reversed later and leave you with overdraft charges. The originating phone calls are untraceable and the number they give you to call back, goes to Jamaica which results in extensive long distance phone charges. This scam is very elaborate and has a network of victims spanning all over the United States with individual loses in the thousands.

The Baker County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating an open case with local reports and working with many outside agencies to recover losses. Although PCH does have legitimate prizes, please consider that if you receive an unsolicited call stating you have won a grand prize or a large amount of money, it is most likely a scam. Because of the international judicial limitations it is recommended you hang up on these persistent callers but more importantly do not give out any information and especially do not send any form of payment to receive prizes or large amounts of money without first researching and confirming the caller's identity.

Any form of suspicious funds sent to you without knowing the origination should be reported to local law enforcement. More detailed information about this scam can be found at PCH website.

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