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The Baker County Parole and Probation Office became part of the team under the Sheriff’s direction January 1, 2007.


The BCSO Parole and Probation Division is headed by the Sheriff and Undersheriff.  In addition, there is a Lieutenant who leads the team and three probation officers.  Due to budgetary constraints we have two additional positions open that we are unable to fill.  One probation officer position and one Office Manager postion.







Electronic Surveillance

The Baker County Department of Parole & Probation monitors and manages an electronic surveillance program. This program is designed for individuals who have been offered an alternative to custody in the Baker County Jail by the Court, the Baker County Supervisory Authority or the Baker County Jail Manager. Individuals under supervision to BCDPP may also access the electronic surveillance program through the structured sanctions system. The program costs $8.00 per day per individual and payment is required prior to setup.

Community Service and Work Crew

The BCSO Parole and Probation Division manages a community service and work crew program. These programs offer gratis community service work to non-profit and governmental agencies. Historically, these programs have provided approximately $50,000.00 worth of work per year to Baker County agencies, facilities and programs. There is no cost to the recipients of these programs. A BCDPP Parole and Probation Officer monitors the Baker County Work Crew Program on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.

Transitional Housing

The Baker County Department of Parole & Probation through a grant from the Oregon Housing and Community Services manages a new two bedroom home for individuals supervised by this office who need housing as they transition back into the community from prison and or jail. Rent for the first thirty-day stay is waived to allow the individual an opportunity to settle back into the community, find employment and save money for a deposit on another residence. The house is available to individuals on probation as well if they need a place to stay. Rent for them is $8.00 per day or $200.00 per month.