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This classification provides supervision and investigation to adult offenders placed under supervision by releasing authorities of county, state and/or federal court system, Board of Parole, etc.; notify releasing authority when violations occur.  Parole/Probation Officers 1) provide incentive and opportunity for offenders to change behavior through case planning, other program referrals and individual counseling; 2) protect the community by enforcing conditions of parole and probation, and 3) enforce appropriate sanctions.  Officers act as liaison with parole boards and other agencies.


Parole and Probation Officer - This is an entry- to journey-level position.  Officers will have basic to advanced level certification as a parole and probation officer issued by Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).  Officers typically handle all types of cases and performs administrative duties as assigned.



1.         Develop a supervision plan not limited to, but including the offender.  Interview and inform offender of release conditions, expectations and consequences; assess needs and offender risk; review community alternatives.  Advise and/or direct offenders to modify non-complaint behavioral traits.


2.         Monitor offender compliance and progress.  Conduct searches, monitor and/or take urinalysis samples for testing; make home, employment, office and field contacts; coordinate with treatment and services providers, criminal justice officials; modify supervision plan; monitor payment of court-ordered restitution and fees; monitor community service placement.


3.         Develop and recommend appropriate sanctions for non-compliance.  Redetermine risk factor; modify supervision plan as necessary; arrest, detain, search and transport as necessary.  Report action to the releasing authority.


4.         Maintain and complete required case files, records, monthly reports, correspondence and accounting and tracking records as required by departmental policy and state law.


5.         Assign offenders to court-ordered community service throughout the county.  Monitor offender compliance and progress and keep other officers and the courts informed of offender’s progress.  Develop relationships with federal, state, county, city and community agencies to negotiate short and long-term contracts for work projects.


6.         Testify in court and/or administrative hearings in regard to presentence investigations, revocation recommendations, violation hearings, etc.


7.         Promote the department through public relations and education; make presentations to community organizations, schools and other agencies; liaison with other divisions of the criminal justice system; interpret policy and procedure to the public.


8.         Assist department head in planning the work schedule and caseload assignment among support staff; maintain in touch with the progress of work and make adjustments to assure timely completion of assigned work projects and legal compliance. 


9.         Assist with needs assessment, planning, developing, coordinating and implementing activities/programs of department programs.






Knowledge of:  Considerable to thorough knowledge of the adult criminal judicial system, law enforcement agencies; considerable knowledge of sound case management and criminal justice theory, principles and practices to be able to identify problem, decide appropriate action and provide treatment services; considerable knowledge of human behavior and adjustment problems as it relates to adult offenders; considerable knowledge of behavior intervention, management and support strategies; considerable knowledge of community resources, the functions and procedures of other social service agencies and service providers; considerable knowledge of and ability to participate in program planning, evaluating and implementing programs to meet specific objectives.


Skill in:  Writing clear and concise correspondence, records, treatment plans, reports and statistical data; interviewing, counseling and listening techniques and principles; family and group dynamics.


Ability to:  Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms; plan/coordinate with source agencies, families of offenders, law enforcement agencies and the community; work within a team; relate to a diverse population of people; apply sanctioning guidelines appropriately; teach socialization and living skills to individuals with various learning levels; make decisions independently in accordance with established policies and procedures and use initiative and judgment in completing tasks and responsibilities; utilize problem identification and resolution techniques; prioritize assignments and manage time efficiently; remain calm and use good judgment during confrontational or high pressure situations; establish and maintain records, reports and statistical data; courteously meet and deal effectively with other employees, other agencies, law enforcement agencies, parole board, service agencies, the community, offenders, families and the public regarding policy and procedure direction and developing care plans for offenders, give and exchange information and to resolve problems.


Education, experience and training:  Bachelor's degree in corrections, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, behavioral science or related field plus one year work-related experience OR a satisfactory equivalent combination of education, experience and training.  At time of appointment, must possess valid Oregon driver's license.


Within one year of employment, employee must be certified by Department of Public Safety Standards and Training as an adult parole and probation officer.





This classification works under the general direction of the Baker County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant/Parole and Probation supervisor.  Recurring routine assignments are independently performed by employee on basis of past experience.  The employee receives general instructions regarding the scope and approach to projects or assignments, but procedures and problem resolution are left to the employee discretion and interpretation. Employee estimates and manages time efficiently.  Work is reviewed periodically to ensure determinations and decisions made are in compliance to department policy and procedures.





Work is performed within established department policy, procedure, directives; federal, state, county and local statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances and sentencing guidelines; court rulings; reference manuals; accepted procedures within parole and probation profession.  Incumbent has to remain current on guidelines and uses considerable judgment in interpreting laws or guidelines and determining which to enforce, then follows procedures and laws closely due to nature of work.





Work is performed both in an office environment and in the field which involves everyday risks and discomforts and sometime adverse weather conditions requiring safety precautions.  Field assignments may require physical demands of gripping with hands and fingers, hearing voice conversation, keyboarding, occasionally lifting up to 60 pounds, pushing, pulling, running and possibly apprehending and restraining violent people, sitting, standing and walking.  A substantial amount of daily driving is involved.




***Please submit all applications and supporting documentation to: ***


Baker County Sheriff’s Office at 3410 K Street  Baker City, Oregon 97814


Baker County Parole and Probation at 2610 Grove Street  Baker City, Oregon  97814